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Wood Cosmetics

System solution for fully automatic flaws-cosmetics. By gluing of loose branches and filling bough-spiders and cracks with a special hot glue, we significantly improve the quality.


  • Surface scanner for saw rough and planed goods
  • Detection of all flaws and wood characteristics ( knots, resin pockets, cracks, etc. )
  • Optimizing the sequence of processing for fastest work-flow
  • Contract-related qualifications of the individual planks
  • Manually possibility of intervention and optimization of machining
  • Collision monitoring and simulation software
  • Very fast production changeover
  • Optimal control of the external electronics and drives
  • Fully automatic unmanned operation
  • Extensive visualization of the system and the process
  • Interface for data transfer to subordinate controllers
  • Extensive statistics and operating time recording
  • User-friendly and intuitive software