Bidac InnoCenter

The company Bidac has been growing continuously through the years, thus the administration decided back in 2006 to build a new, modern corporate building. The foundation was laid with the purchase of the property in the commercial area of Ganda in Caldaro in the year 2006.

After extensive planning by chief engineer Bernhard Hofer, the construction of the new building was started in November 2007. After the first building section was finished, the team moved into the new building in December 2009.

Thanks to the positive economic trend of the company, even during the economic crisis around 2009, the second sector could be realized and finished in 2011.

The building has an overall cubature of 2860m³ and an area of 880m² including the basement garage and the company housing.

The bulding is a modern, functional building in timber, made out of natural materials - an optimal basis for innovative working. It is a massive wooden panel construction with heat insulation and various material assemblies within the facade.

The building combines the materials wood, metal, glass and stone to a graceful play of colors both in the interior and outdoor area. To symbolize the innovation of the company Bidac many technical details and subtleties were incorporated. That's why the bulding is called Bidac InnoCenter.